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Contemporary Korean BBQ and Cuisine



Chef Humphrey Kim's mission to showcase the innovation and refinement of Korean cuisine and Korean BBQ is an admirable goal. With his background and experience in both Korean and Australian cuisine, Chef Kim is uniquely positioned to bring a fresh perspective to traditional Korean dishes.

One way in which Chef Kim is elevating Korean BBQ is through his focus on high-quality, locally sourced meats. He works closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure that his meats are of the highest quality, and he often features unique cuts and preparations that are not commonly seen in traditional Korean BBQ restaurants.

Another way in which Chef Kim is innovating with Korean cuisine is through his use of modern cooking techniques and presentations. For example, he may use sous vide cooking to achieve perfectly tender meats, or he may present traditional dishes in a deconstructed or reimagined way.

In addition to his focus on innovation, Chef Kim is also committed to preserving the authenticity and heritage of Korean cuisine. He often incorporates traditional Korean ingredients and flavors into his dishes, and he pays homage to classic dishes and cooking methods while putting his own spin on them.

Overall, Chef Humphrey Kim is a talented and innovative chef who is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Korean cuisine and Korean BBQ. His dedication to using high-quality ingredients, modern techniques, and authentic flavors is sure to impress diners and help to elevate Korean cuisine to new heights.



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